Emerald’s experience and expertise in the provision of a wide range of Landscape Maintenance and Turf Management services can be a valuable resource in the meeting of your property’s maintenance needs. Protecting and improving your property’s landscape assets can be easy and economical with Emerald’s services!


What services do we provide?

Since its establishment over 15 years ago, Emerald has provided a high quality Landscape Maintenance, Lawn Care and Turf Management Service to a wide range of Commercial, Institutional and Residential property owners and Managers throughout the Sydney , Canberra and Brisbane metropolitan areas.  Our ongoing services are provided to over 1000 properties ranging from small residential to multiple site institutional properties with no job too big or small.

Why we are different….

Our maintenance programs are tailored to customer’s needs and budgets to create a trouble free and reliable service, leaving customers to other tasks and interests.  All our services attempt to be pro-active in their approach, which maximises the consistency of results and helps to prevent unnecessary additional maintenance expenses.  Our complete maintenance approaches overall goal being to maintain and improve a premises full landscape curb to building, to its fullest potential.

A range of additional services are also available to customers including

  • Landscape renovations, improvements and new installations
  • Irrigation maintenance and installation
  • Annual flower displays
  • Arborist Services
  • Turf Renovation and installation
  • General vegetation management
  • General Horticultural and Agronomic Consultation

How does it happen?

Emerald uses a team approach in the provision of our services using the following resources with field staff and equipment resources based in Baulkham Hills.


Emerald maintains a fully staffed office ready to meet customer’s needs from 6.30am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday, with after hours access as required.  Our Customer Service Staff is ready to start action on customer needs, not simply ready to take messages – Working in conjunction with the General Manager and Field Supervisors to coordinate scheduling and general administrative needs, with the assistance of a unique computerised service package to keep the many varying details of customers properties and services organised.

Staff Resources

Emerald currently employees over 20 full time staff with the majority holding related technical qualifications or at minimum, going through an Apprenticeship program.

Equipment Resources

Emerald uses a variety of well maintained, fully insured and clearly sign written vehicles and a wide range of specialized lawn and landscape and hard surface maintenance equipment, to meet the varying needs of different landscapes and building surrounds.  These resources allow for the efficient and safe provision of services with the most appropriate equipment being available and utilised.


  • All Emerald Staff work from well maintained and sign written company vehicle in neat Company uniforms for easy identification.
  • Current Occupational Health and Safety requirements are a matter of normal routines.
  • Certificate of Insurance are available on request.

We hope this information is of interest to you and should you have any appropriate maintenance needs in our area of service, we would be happy to provide quotations or advice on how services might best be provided.

We look forward to the opportunity of being of service to you in the future.