We have a wide range of property maintenance, lawn care, landscaping and mowing services to suit any budget or property. We can help with:


  • Providing Lawn Care Programs including Fertilisation Weed and Insect Control

    • See range of Lawn Care Programs to compliment regular mowing and watering, allowing your lawn a trouble free way to be developed and maintained to its best potential.
  • Full Lawn and Garden Maintenance Services

    • Our Lawn Care Program combined with complete mowing service, or full service landscape maintenance including all mowing and full service gardening
  • Lawn Renovations including Returfing, Topdressing and Core Aeration

    • Full replacement of existing lawn including all full preparation and installation of new lawn with desired turf variety.
    • Topdressing, including supply, spreading and leveling of organic topdressing mix to  improve levels and reduction of fluffyness.
    • Core Aeration to improve soil growing environment by relieving compaction and opening of lawn surface for better movement of moisture, air and nutrients.
  • Full Landscape Services from One-Off garden Tidy Ups to Full Landscape Improvements

    • One off Garden Clean up: Full range of general garden clean up and redefinition, including pruning, hedging, removal of overgrown or undesirable plants and shrubs.
    • Renovations including removal of existing landscape and restoration with designed garden of desired style from formal, native, low or high maintenance.
  • Broad Area General Weed & Pest Control Services

    • Broad Area boom spraying to large areas such as ovals, school grounds and parks for select and non selective weed control, curative  and preventative insect control.
    • General industrial weed control to hard stands, fence lines, etc
    • Noxious Weed Control

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